Pour Un Homme Caron Eau de Toilette  4.2  oz UNBOXED

Pour Un Homme Caron Eau de Toilette 4.2 oz UNBOXED

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Pour Un Homme de CARON Men Eau de Toilette 4.2 oz 

Pour Un Homme de CARON Men Eau de Toilette 4.2 oz 

About the Brand Caron

To discover the secret charm of Caron by perusing its century-old history is to enter the sacred world of fragrance. Behind the creation of every fragrance lies a fascinating story and their symbolic names often evoke particular events within the world of luxury.

In 1904, thanks to the genius of Ernest Daltroff, Caron established itself in the world of High Perfumery, opening its doors at 10 rue de la Paix, Paris.

Ernest’s love for his colleague Félicie, was a constant and significant influence in his creations. Together, they created powerful concept fragrances such as “N’aimez que moi” in 1916. “Tabac Blond” in 1919. “Fleurs de Rocaille” in 1933 as well as the legendary “Pour Un Homme” in 1934.

They also developed a manufacturing process for their “Poudre Libre”, the most free-flowing loose powder in the world today. The method remains a trade secret.

As an avant-garde brand, in harmony with the art of fashion, inspired by the defining feats of the 20th century, Caron has been able to adapt to the significant changes in customs while staying true to its own tradition.

In 1998 Caron was taken over by Patrick Alès. These two men share a common love: a passion for Roses. While Ernest Daltroff overindulged his love for roses in his compositions, Patrick Alès created one of the finest rose gardens in the Loire Valley.

The latter was succeeded by Romain Alès who continued the tradition of filling perfume bottles from beautiful crystal fountains. The perfume is collected from little bronze taps into bottles of all sizes, adorned with traditional gold thread.

The emblematic fountains are the centrepieces in Caron’s Paris boutiques on Rue François 1er, Faubourg Saint-Honoré and Boulevard Saint Germain. They can also be found in luxury corners in London, New York, Tokyo, Moscow and even Dubai.


Just an outstanding parfum! There are no words really to explain this beautiful and warm smell!

Longue durée! .... Excellent pour toutes les saisons et sent bon. Les dames aiment vraiment ce parfum. 5/5

Wooow je l'aime incroyable incroyable parfum

My new signature scent.

A reçu des compliments dès que je suis arrivé le premier jour je l'ai porté. Incroyable. Absolument légendaire.

Great product and good price