Cabotine Fleur de Passion Gres Eau de Toilette  3.4

Homme de Gres Eau de Toilette 2.5 oz

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Homme de  Gres Eau de Toilette 2.5 oz 

Homme de  Gres Eau de Toilette 2.5 oz 

About the Brand Gres

Victoria Gres – is a unique brand, founded by the artist, who senses historical epochs, and offers the admirers of her talent to enjoy them as a mellow wine. This is intelligent clothing with decorative solutions.

These are the eternal values that will be inherited. It is exceptionally personal clothing, which customers of the fashion house often treat as works of art. These clothes are worn to receive pleasure - sensuous, tactile and intellectual.

With its help one is forced to think, strive to surprise, amaze and provoke admiration.

Designer Victoria Gres devoted many years to the development of copyright technology of dying and processing of fabrics. The designer believes that one of her the most important groundwork was using antique lace, but not in the literal usual application of it, but adapting and creation on its basis the paintings and drawings for the brand Victoria Gres. Combined with vintage textiles - lace, embroidery and rare fabrics allows creating contemporary collections, enriched by the peculiar historical train, which cannot be influenced by the seasonal trends and global fashion processes. That is why the clothes from Victoria Gres are chosen by people who value their own attitude and inner comfort above all.

Now the brand Victoria Gres consists of three lines of clothing - Victoria Gres by GRES, Victoria Gres DENIM, Victoria Gres Couture and a line of designer accessories.

She is also actively developing direction Gres décor. Interior decoration is a logical continuation of development of the fashion houses in the area of art de vivre - the art of living.


It was the perfect gift. Great smell, great bottle and great price

Definitely was a great purchase

Nice fragrance, but no staying power at all!

Ça sent bon, mais s'estompe assez rapidement.

Parfum étonnant et durable

I personally used this perfume and I love the smell.

100% authentique et sent bon comme mon échantillon que j'ai eu il y a un mois !!

Good lasts long throughout the Day

A reçu des compliments dès que je suis arrivé le premier jour je l'ai porté. Incroyable. Absolument légendaire.

L'un des meilleurs parfums propres à tous les très bons Cologne

Bon prix, j'adore ça. Je serai de retour pour un autre article.

Wooow je l'aime incroyable incroyable parfum

I am happy with the purchase

Super parfum. Bonne affaire. Expédition rapide! Lot authentique et excellent!