Quelques Fleurs Royale Houbigant  Eau de Parfum 1.7

Quelques Fleurs Royale Houbigant Eau de Parfum 1.7

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Quelques Fleurs Royale Houbigant Eau de Parfum 1.7

Quelques Fleurs Royale Houbigant Eau de Parfum 1.7

About the Brand Houbigant

Houbigant Parfum is a perfume manufacturer founded in Paris, France in 1775 by Jean-François Houbigant of Grasse (1752–1807). The brand originally sold gloves, perfumes, and bridal bouquets. The original shop, called "A la Corbeille de Fleurs", was in the rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré. Over the centuries, the House of Houbigant became perfumer to the royal courts of Europe including Napoleon, Napoleon III, Alexander III of Russia, and Queen Victoria.

Besides being the perfumer of royalties, the House of Houbigant has been a precursor in the creation of fragrances. In 1882, the House launched Fougère Royale, a fragrance that completely revolutionized the world of perfumes and established modern perfumery as it exists today.[citation needed] Fougère Royale was the first “fougère” (or fern-like) perfume ever created, establishing a completely new fragrance family which still remains today the most popular family in men’s fragrances.
During this period, Houbigant stretched out its commercial arms around the world. Under the direction of the Paris office, offices were established in the United States, England, Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Poland, Romania. Connections were made in Havana, Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, Australia, Japan, and China. The New York office had its own manufacturing facility distribute Houbigant goods to "all parts of the country."

Robert Bienaimé, Houbigant perfumer from 1912-1935 and creator of Quelques Fleurs
Houbigant was also the first perfume house to discover how to isolate particular molecules from natural raw materials and more specifically the coumarin, which is isolated from tonka bean. In 1912, the House presented Quelques Fleurs, the first true multi-floral bouquet ever created. Up to that time, floral fragrances had been mostly single flowers or were blended with herbs and other essences. The Genealogy of Perfumes cites Quelques Fleurs as a landmark innovation that established a totally new fragrance classification and influenced other compositions for years afterwards including many of today’s important fragrances.


Grand parfum sincèrement ce parfum m'a surpris tout à fait ... sa projection est extrêmement forte, capable d'atteindre 3 mètres et demi pour un laps de 5 heures ... Puis son intensité diminue un peu et elle se fixe puissamment sur la peau, surpassant dans plus de 9 heures, tandis que dans les vêtements continue rayonnant son essence avec plus de force pendant 2 jours.

L'odeur et la performance est excellente et la valeur est exceptionnelle

Parfum parfait pour toutes les saisons. C'est mon aller, grande projection et longévité.

This cologne inimitably impresses with its understatedly suave character. It stands out in longevity and projection.

Pour le prix pas mal pour votre collection du tout.

Tout ce que je peux dire, c'est que c'est un excellent parfum. Je vais certainement acheter à nouveau.

Perfect scent for all seasons. This is my go to, great projection and longevity.