Jean Couturier Coriandre - Eau de Toilette 3.3 oz

Jean Couturier Coriandre - Eau de Toilette 3.3 oz

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Jean Couturier Coriandre - Eau de Toilette 3.3 oz

Jean Couturier Coriandre - Eau de Toilette 3.3 oz

About the Brand J.-P Couturier

Born on 17 November 1741 in the village of Porcelette, Jean-Pierre Couturier is the son of Marguerite Koune and Jacques Couturier. Jacques Couturier was admonitor of the abbot of Saint-Avold, nephew of the Abbe Koune (parish priest of Hargarten), he married a second wedding on June 7, 1740 in Hargarten-aux-mines with Marguerite Koune and died before 17661. His brother, Jean-François Couturier, was the syndic of the municipality of Porcelette and became mayor in 1800. His second brother, Nicolas, a pharmacist in Luxembourg, belonged to the municipality of this town from 1795 to 1797. From 1779 , He served as Lieutenant-General of the Bailiwick of Bouzonville. In March 1791, he became deputy judge at the Court of Cassation. On September 3, 1791, Jean-Pierre Couturier was elected a mountain deputy of the Moselle to the Legislative Assembly, and on September 6, 1792, member of the Convention. On 16 March 1792 he asked for an amnesty for Jourdan "Coupe-Tête" and his accomplices in Avignon, and on 13 May he asked for the imprisonment of the priests who would refuse to take the oath. On September 6, 1792, he was on a mission to the Moselle during the trial of Louis XVI and did not participate in the trial. In September 1793, in Seine-et-Oise, he raged against priests and judges, married priests without culottes, and proposed to clear the park of Versailles. On 24 Vendemiaire Year IV, he was re-elected by the department of the Moselle to the Council of Five Hundred. He left it the following year, to return on 24 Germinal An VI. On the 21st Ventôse An V, he defended the decree of the Directory which deprived the defendants of emigration of their political rights. On the 13th Thermidor, year VI, he demanded the sale of church and handmade goods, be carried out without delay and in small batches, and combat the tax on salt. On the 1st Brumaire Year VIII, he fights a provision in favor of the glass factory of Saint-Quirin. The coup d'état of 18 Brumaire Year VIII renders it to private life. In 1803, he was appointed registrar and presided over the electoral college. Jean-Pierre Couturier died on 5 October 1818 in Issy.


Bouteille Excelente .... Je suis tellement heureux avec elle et l'expédition vraiment rapide. Tu es le meilleur!

Très heureux avec ce parfum

Wow, ce parfum sent très très bon. Achètera encore!

Je voulais essayer une nouvelle odeur pour mon mari et je l'ai choisi car je suis amoureux de cette marque depuis longtemps. J'étais content de mon choix. Mon mari et moi adorons cette nouvelle eau de Cologne.

Great perfume sincerely this fragrance surprised me quite ... its projection is extremely strong, capable of reaching 3 and a half meters for a lapse of 5 hours ... Then its intensity diminishes a little and it is fixed powerfully on the skin, surpassing in more of 9 hours, whereas in the clothes continues radiating its essence with more force during 2 days.