Life Threads Silver La Prairie Eau de Parfum 1.7 oz

Life Threads Silver La Prairie Eau de Parfum 1.7 oz

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Life Threads SilverLa Prairie Eau de Parfum 50 ml

Life Threads SilverLa Prairie Eau de Parfum 50 ml

About the Brand La Prairie

Originating in Switzerland in 1931, La Prairie is known for its exceptional anti-aging product lines. The company ushered in a new age of boutique skin revitalization techniques with products such as its anti-aging eye cream, foundation and an indulgent skin caviar. Its dedication to quality products earned it a large enough following of discerning consumers to launch into the fragrance line in the 1960s. The company's quintessential perfume, La Prairie, hit stores in the early 90s. It incorporates feminine oriental notes of coriander, gardenia and jasmine. The company has since enjoyed the success of other signature fragrances such as Silver Rain. The fragrance is inspired by the ice crystals that fall every spring in the Swiss Alps, creating a ""silver rain"" shimmer from the mountains. The bottle incorporates rare ingredients from around the world, such as red rose petals from Morocco and Thai anise oil. The perfume was created by Claude Dir in 2004 and has enjoyed multiple spin-offs, such as Silver Rain Shimmer Mist, Silver Rain Brilliance and Silver Rain Cachette. La Prairie's passionate and delicious menu of fragrances allows the consumer to escape into a harmony of scents. Every bottle holds a discerning balance of floral and earthy tones. La Prairie's dedication to quality skin care products is upheld with its various perfumes that refresh, enliven and inspire consumers to live with the timeless presence of the Swiss Alps.


Je suis content de l'achat

Excelente bottle.... I'm so happy with it and the shipping real fast. You' re the BEST!

Great spring & summer fragrance.

This is the best fragrance ever.

Bon prix, j'adore ça. Je serai de retour pour un autre article.

Spray twice is all that's needed. I like to prefer to wear it casually or for events.

Pour le prix pas mal pour votre collection du tout.

Long lasting fantastic scent

Ce parfum est vraiment unique et différent. Il fait chaud et doux, très différent des autres présumés.

Great Frangrance! ...You guys need to restock, would like to purchase another bottle.

My husband absolutely loves this fragrance and so do I. It lasts all day and smells amazing! Definitely a must have.

One of the best. And price is affordable.