Prada Candy Eau de Parfum 2.7 unboxed

Prada Candy L'Eau Eau de Toilette 2.7 unboxed

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Prada Candy  L'Eau  Eau de Toilette 2.7 unboxed - tester box white

Prada Candy  L'Eau  Eau de Toilette 2.7 unboxed - tester box white

About the Brand PRADA

Founded by brothers Mario and Martino in 1913, Prada was a shop specializing in leather goods, imported English steamer trunks, and handbags . The business was passed down to daughter Luisa and then granddaughter Miuccia, who took Prada to the next level beginning in the late 1970s. Heeding the advice of her business manager, who later became her husband, Miuccia discontinued importing English goods and began creating pieces in-house. Backpacks and totes made from heavy black nylon were her first in-house-produced items in 1979. Given the high price of the items and lacking proper advertising, the bags were a hard sell, but they would eventually prove to be her first success. Next, the couple sought wholesale accounts for their wares worldwide and opened a second boutique. Shoes were added in 1984, and in 1988, Prada’s first line of women’s wear was introduced. In 1992, a women’s haute couture line was added, and men’s wear made its debut in 1993. The classic Prada handbag was introduced in 1985.

Although the company continued to grow its line of products, it had yet to introduce a Prada perfume. This changed, however, when in conjunction with Puig, Prada entered the fragrance market in 2003 with a limited release of numbered artisan fragrances that focused on a single note. Their first mass-market women’s perfume, the modern and unique Prada Amber, was introduced in 2004. These were not to be the last fragrances released by the company. Other popular women’s scents include the oriental woodsy Prada, the playful and flirtatious Prada Candy, the luminous yet vibrant Tendre, and the popular Infusion series. In addition to Prada perfume for women, the company also entered the men’s cologne market with popular men’s colognes. Scents created by Prada for men include the citrusy, musky Prada for men, the mellow and sophisticated Amber for men, and the Infusion series for men.

Today, the Prada fragrance lines are well-established and well-received by both men and women. Whether intending to purchase Prada cologne or Prada perfume for oneself or buy it as a gift for family, a friend, or loved one, you’ll find the best online prices right here at You’ll find that our perfumes are at discount prices, which makes buying quality Prada perfumes from us the smart choice. While you’re here, why not shop for and buy that Prada perfume for women that you’ve been wanting? Our website is easy to use, our products are 100 percent authentic, and we offer a customer satisfaction guarantee.


I wanted to try a new smell for my husband and chose this as I am long time lover of this brand. I was happy with my choice. Both my husband and I love this new cologne.

Juste obtenu le mien et ça sent bon semble être authentique et je me sens bien à ce sujet achètera certainement de Bonparfum à nouveau :)

Magic in a bottle...

Bon dure longtemps tout au long de la journée

Long lasting fantastic scent

Pour le prix pas mal pour votre collection du tout.

Absolutely love this cologne... I get compliments on it all the time.

Excellent purchase, brand new condition, and very fast delivery.

Wow, this fragrance smells very very good. Will buy it again!