Cherish Revlon  Cologne Spray for woman 1 oz

Cherish Revlon Cologne Spray for woman 1 oz

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Cherish Revlon ologne Spray 30 ml for woman/p>

Cherish Revlon ologne Spray 30 ml for woman/p>

About the Brand Revlon

Revlon is an American cosmetics company founded in 1932 during the Great Depression. Brothers Charles and Joseph Revson, along with chemist Charles Lachman (who is represented by the "L" in the Revlon name) began by offering a single product—a nail polish made with pigments instead of dyes that offered more opaque coverage. This product was successfully marketed to department stores and drugstores, and the company experienced rapid growth as purveyors of manicure tools. They entered the cosmetics world with the addition of lipstick to their offerings in 1940.

The company's stock went public in 1955, and by the 1960s Revlon was offering products to different segments of the market under brand names Revlon, Princess Marcella Borghese, Ultima II, Natural Wonder, Moon Drops and Etherea.

Marketed internationally since the late 1950s, Revlon successfully sold the "American look" to other countries through the use of top models—a strategy still in use by Revlon today.

Fragrances have long been included in the Revlon offering, beginning with Jean Nate in 1935. In 1968, Revlon introduced the first American designer fragrance, Norell, in partnership with Norman Norell. Revlon's 1973 launch of perfume Charlie featured the first perfume advertisement showing a woman wearing slacks. The fragrance was marketed towards the emerging independent woman of the 1970s, and became an immediate best-seller. Revlon successfully marketed a series of iconic women's fragrances in the 1970s, including Enjoli, Jontue and Ciara. Revlon continues to be one of the world's largest mass-market cosmetics and fragrance manufacturers in the 21st century.


C'est le meilleur de ma collection. Si classe et obtient beaucoup de compliments, son ouverture est un peu forte, mais après 15 minutes, il se transforme en quelque chose de vraiment spécial. Très sophistiqué, les gens vous remarqueront.

Juste obtenu le mien et ça sent bon semble être authentique et je me sens bien à ce sujet achètera certainement de Bonparfum à nouveau :)

This perfume exceeded my expectations. The intensity and lasting power is apparent when I’m still getting the scent after 10 hours in the office with just 3 sprays in the morning. Many compliments too.