Rochas Soap Vintage 3.4 oz

Byzance Rochas Soap Vintage Formula 3.4 oz

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Byzance Rochas Soap Vintage Formula 3.4 oz

Byzance Rochas Soap Vintage Formula 3.4 oz

About the Brand Rochas

Rochas is a Parisian fashion, beauty, and perfume house, founded in 1925 by Marcel Rochas . Rochas gained widespread recognition for their first signature perfume in 1944: Femme, a scent created as a gift for Marcel's wife, and later for their immensely popular and sensual Madame Rochas fragrance. Rochas fashions are applauded for their sleek silhouettes and their scents are also rich and elegant, of the same luxurious quality.


100% authentic and smells great just like my sample that i got a month ago!!

Je ne pense pas que celui-ci mérite toute l'attention de la communauté frag. Il y a de meilleurs frags là-bas mieux que celui-ci. C'est un parfum correct mais pas génial.

Grande odeur Cologne .. et il semble durer un moment. def commandantait à nouveau.

This is an amazing perfume! I thank Bonparfum for the fast shipping!