TOUS eau de Parfum 3 oz Tester

TOUS eau de Parfum 3 oz Tester

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TOUS eau de Parfum 3 oz Tester/p>

TOUS eau de Parfum 3 oz Tester/p>

About the Brand TOUS

In 1920, Salvador Tous Blavi and his wife Teresa Ponsa Mas opened a small watch repair workshop that progressively grew in prominence in the jewelry industry. In 1965, Salvador Tous, the son of the founder, married Rosa Oriol — the pair pooled their talents, experience and creativity for the purpose of designing a new style of jewelry. At present, the brand name has more than 400 stores in 45 countries, and in cities such as New York City, Paris, Moscow, Milan and Tokyo, among others.
Since 1920, TOUS has created jewelry as the company’s core-business, but also produces a broad range of accessories, such as bags, watches, perfumes, eyeglasses, textiles and small leather goods. As of 2012, the company produces 30 annual collections.


I love it!

Je ne vois pas pourquoi tant de gens aiment ce parfum ... Je ne l'aime pas!

I bought it last year. One of the best perfumes I have ever had. I love the fragrance. I will be buying more of it.

C'est le meilleur de ma collection. Si classe et obtient beaucoup de compliments, son ouverture est un peu forte, mais après 15 minutes, il se transforme en quelque chose de vraiment spécial. Très sophistiqué, les gens vous remarqueront.

L'un des meilleurs parfums propres à tous les très bons Cologne